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Stop Waiting

At age 45, I am thinking more and more at where I want my body to be at age 70, 80, and beyond.

I know there is going to need to be a lot of forethought and planning, but I want to be prepared if I am going to be blessed with the opportunity to live for another 40 plus years.

To me being prepared means making goals are set and being worked on NOW!!

Goal 1 - Move well and feel great doing it

That means mobility, flexibility, and recovery training have to become a constant vs. beating up your body with additional exercise.

Adding in mobility training to hips, ankles, shoulders and mid-back with all upper body workout first and recovery strategies need to be scheduled in every week. (Cardio flushing is using low intensity cardio to help flush out toxic post workout bi-products from the muscle tissue)

Goal 2 - Work to achieve above average usable strength and power for your age

Smart active aging movement, not muscle, based strength training in multiple planes is a must to make sure your 3-D body stays working in all 3 dimensions.

That means not just strength training in all 3 planes but also mobilizing in all 3 planes.

This can be accomplished by decreasing your resistance to make sure you are going through full ranges of motion with passive over pressure stretching whenever possible.

Goal 3 - You want to keep your cardiovascular system efficient

Interval cardio training is important on a weekly basis to help stretch out the cardiovascular system and keep your overall cardiovascular capacity at a high age related level.

Nothing wrong with some slow sustained cardio, but to increase your cardio capacity, you have to challenge your lunge capacity and heart rate. Plus this also provides you with a great fat loss training option.

Goal 4 - Avoid over-training injuries

By changing up exercises and continually alternating workloads, it keeps joints from getting overused and muscles guessing.

Every time you fall in love with an exercise, overuse injuries pop up. Avoid that by changing things up regularly.

There are so many ways to accomplish the same fitness goal. Avoid falling in love with a particular exercise.

I challenge you to START today and start getting your body better, not just strong.

Start today and stop waiting for SOME DAY

Have a Great Week Everyone

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