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Should you eat and drink at the same time?

Have you ever just sat and paid attention to others while they eat? You may notice something and in fact be guilty of it yourself. People tend to drink large drinks during their meals - whether it be water or wine or beer. Seems pretty normal right? That's because it is... but does that mean it's the best thing to do while eating? I am totally guilty of this especially around the holiday dinners as I am filling up my stomach with water so I don't over fill it with food. But over the past 6 months or so, I have personally trying not to drink much liquids at all while I am eating a meal. Why? Because digestion is critical to optimal health and wellness and drinking lots of fluids while eating can negatively affect it. I'm sure you already know that your stomach is full of acid – stomach acid to be exact or HCL (hydrochloric acid) to be even more exact. The purpose of your stomach acid is to help breakdown the food you eat. This is one of the key steps of digestion. Now here's the situation, when you drink a lot of fluids while eating a meal you are actually diluting the acid in your stomach making it less concentrated, thereby possibly making it less effective at breaking down your food. This can negatively affect your quality of digestion and even be a cause of unwanted bloating. I might sip some water here and there during my meal but I try not to drink anything substantial while eating meals. I generally consume the majority of my liquids between meals when there will be enough time for the fluids to clear and allow the concentration of my stomach acid level to return to normal before I eat again. Digestion is so important to your overall health, wellness and performance so give this little trick a try and see if you feel less bloated after meals. Remember I am here to help you so tell us what your goals are, what you’re struggling with, and how I can help you by leaving me a comment.

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