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Carbs for Fat Loss

You are probably thinking "what is she taking about, carbs for fat loss?"

Well we all need carbs for our brains to function, but not just any carbs. The sugary, fat laden carbs of desserts, pastas, pastries, most breads, and fast food are not your ideal carbs for fat loss.

So what then should you have - good question.

Here are 10 carbs (no fruits or veggies are listed here) for fat loss that you can easily starting implementing into your diet seamlessly.

1) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the best carb you can eat and should be eating them at least a few times per week.

They are packed with tons of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and more.

If you're looking for faster results, start including more sweet potatoes...

2) Potatoes

Another amazing carb. Potatoes are easy to digest, keeps you full, and are packed with vitamins and nutrients to allow your body to perform at it's best.

3) Quinoa

Naturally gluten free, quinoa is not only high in good carbs, it also has a good amount of protein along with other essential amino acids.

4) Rice (White or Brown)

Rice is a carb that gets a very bad rep, but is one that is easy to digest, and has high level of vitamins and minerals. For those who struggle with digestion, white rice has been shown to be easier to digest than brown rice.

5) Black beans

Rich in fiber and low on the glycemic index which means it has very little effect on your blood sugar levels. This is important when try to get great results...

6) Rice Cakes

Most rice cakes are actually pretty low in carbs, making them a good option for both low and high carb days. For low carb days, I like adding lots of peanut butter and almond butter.

For high carb days, I like adding in fruit and honey to them!

7) Steel Cut Oats

Low on the glycemic index, steel cut oats help keep you satisfied for longer while preventing dips in blood sugar.

8) Corn Tortilla's

Look for brands that have only corn and water. These are great to have every once in a while, especially if you love Mexican food like I do :)

9) Rice Noodles

Rice noodles are made from rice and water, and although they are higher in carbs than the other foods listed, they are still a good choice for your high carb days.

10) Ezekiel Bread - Bread is something SO many people love to eat. The problem is that most breads are highly processed. I have found that Ezekiel Bread is the best option when it comes to eating bread.

And remember...WHEN you eat your carbs is just as important as the type of carbs (hint post workout!)

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