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Why is it so hard?

Whether it’s a habit you want to break, a new skill you want to learn, or a commitment you’re trying hard to maintain, change is HARD.

It’s hard for nearly everyone. And the past 2 COVID years have been a testament to that!!

And science can help us understand why AND how we can use that knowledge to our advantage.

Our brain makes strong connections and pathways based on repetitive thoughts and actions in order to expend less energy and keep things streamlined until we go to change a behavior or learned connection… then it gets TOUGH.

When you decide to change a habit, your brain pretty much has a temper tantrum, with the hopes you'll get back to the status quo, that way your brain doesn’t have to exert additional energy to make a new connection….

Does that mean we can’t make big changes and learn new things?

Of course not and people have been hacking their brains into accepting change for a very long time.

We now have the benefit of science to explain how to do it.

If you constantly redirect your natural tendency (the one you’re trying to change) to a new one, your body and brain will EVENTUALLY adapt and adjust.

Eventually you can unlearn the thing(s) you want to change and learn the new one.

(You will just have to deal with your brain acting like a tired teenager that doesn’t want to get out of bed until it adjusts to the new status quo!)

Your brain is absolutely incredible and the more we “hack” it, or subject it to change, the more we will be able to make those changes much more easily!

If you are ready to make changes to your nutrition and training, registration closes Friday April 1st for the 6 week Get Fit Program. And join me LIVE on my business FB and Instagram pages this Wednesday March 30th at 12 noon to learn how this program can help you change. Click here for more information on the program or to register!


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