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Weight Loss Road Blocks

There may be a lot of reasons holding you back or there may be just one.

Today we are talking about 6 obstacles standing in the way for the majority of people on their journey to lose fat, look better, feel better, and feel more confident in their life.

On a side note, optimal health means: glowing skin, lots of energy, shiny hair, a positive outlook, healthy hormones and a healthy body weight.

If you have a six pack abs but feel like garbage, have dull, dry skin, on the verge of tears no real reason, and have no sex drive, that is not health!!

So lets get started...

  1. You cut out entire food groups - Eat a bit of everything. In moderation. No food is inherently bad, overdoing something of anything is. Potatoes and pasta won't make you fat, but eating too many of them for your energy needs will. Steak is neither good nor bad, but overdoing red meat without eating a balance of vegetables is.

  2. You jump from diet to diet - Just eat real foods. Find something that works for you long term, that you can sustain and that doesn't leave you a hangry nightmare to be around.

  3. You exercise but eat too much - If you are gaining weight then reduce the amount of food you are eating. If you are maintaining your weight and you want to lose fat, then reduce the amount of food you are eating. In both cases, prioritize protein and vegetables. If you are losing weight and have fat to lose in the first place, and provided that your hunger, energy and cravings are in check, then keep on keeping on.

  4. You’re not sleeping - Get the 8 hours you need! If fat loss is important to you, sleep should be even more important to you! I you have young kids, do shift work or have rotating shifts, that's when managing your diet will be even more important.

  5. Your stress is out of control - Many people get themselves stressed out unnecessarily just because they don't have the emotional fitness and tools needed to deal with stress in an effective and healthy manner. Meditation and breathing, walking outside in nature), disconnecting from tech and spending time with positive people all help lower stress levels and bring you down to earth.

It doesn't need to be complicated, but it may not feel easy either and that is ok. Change can feel complicated since our brains prefer not to change but keep the status quo. Pick 1 thing you feel you good about changing and stick with it for 2-4 weeks, then add another change into the mix, stick with it for 2-4 weeks and just keep stacking until you have added in all the changes you wanted to make.

Do not rush the process and if any time you feel overwhelmed then do not add any more changes on, just stick with what you have added.

PS...whenever you are ready there are 3 ways I can help you

  1. my 6 week get fit program

  2. my free 1 week unlimited access to all my in person and live online classes PLUS the video library

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