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Want to workout with me?

Today I am posting a FB and IG post in case you do not follow me yet on my socials.

But yesterday on my socials I asked what your biggest struggle/obstacle was in your fitness and to comment your answer so it can be answered on a future podcast.

Today I am asking how you have recouped from the Easter long weekend and from all the food and treats. Are you back on track with your meals and training or still picking away at the Easter chocolate and stuffing and not gotten back into moving your body?

So in case you are the latter, I wanted to share a challenge for you post's perfect if you want accountability to workout from home or with me in person.

Here's what you'll get:

->5x week LIVE Zoom workouts at 7am EST Mon-Friday.

If you can't make the LIVE workouts:

100's of workouts (from the Live workouts) in our ever growing on demand video library.

Live in the area: join me and my coaches for our IN person classes. 4 classes/day to choose from Mon-Sat. starting at 6am.

->access to our private Facebook page for community support & to ask questions.

Your investment is FREE for 2 WEEKS! All you have to do is reply back to this email POST EASTER CHALLENGE and I will send you a registration link.

I will also challenge you to share this post with your friends to boost your accountability and fun factor :)

I'd love to work with you but this OFFER EXPIRES APRIL 30, 2022!

Have an amazing rest of your week.


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