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Old Self vs New Self

I want to talk about the “old self” and the “new self.”

Your OLD self is all the limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

The OLD self is the person we don’t want to be.

The OLD self talks to us like this:

“I hate going to the gym”

“Everyone in my family is overweight”

“Ugh…I’m just so tired”

It holds us back. It stops us from taking action.

The OLD self always gives us a reason to NOT do better.

Thank goodness, that’s not the whole story.

The NEW self is the best possible version of you

The NEW self is strong and capable and, let’s be honest, healthy and fit.

The NEW self is a whole new identity.

A better and more hopeful way of seeing yourself.

The NEW self will talk to you like this:

“I’m grateful for the exercise I can do today”

“I have a body that is capable of movement and challenge”

“I take good care of myself”

The OLD self wants to keep you stuck and frustrated.

The NEW self empowers you live the good.

Its time to get rid of the old…and embrace the NEW.

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