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3 steps to get fit this summer

Did I get your attention!

Don't worry I will give you 3 steps to get fit this summer as my 2 week 1:1 coaching programs sold out and the next one will not be until August, so I wanted to give you all 3 easy steps that you can start today.

Step 1: Track Your Steps

Yes, you read that right!

Count your steps every day to ensure you're staying active and burning those extra calories.

This doesn't mean running a marathon or anything crazy, but simply walking more will help you lose fat.

Step 2: Monitor your daily caloric intake.

Eating the same foods every day might sound boring, but it makes tracking easier and more accurate.

Don't get fancy with your meals all the time; save that for the weekends or special occasions.

Stick to simple meals that provide the right nutrients but also make calorie tracking a breeze.

Step 3: Schedule your workout times in advance, and DO NOT miss them!

Life gets busy, but by sticking to 3-4 solid workouts a week, you'll build and maintain muscle while shaping your body the way you want it as you get leaner.

That's it!

Three steps, and I promise you, you'll start seeing that summer-ready body! However, don't be fooled into thinking it'll happen overnight. It all starts with commitment, discipline, and raising your standards.

But believe me, once you put these steps into practice, your confidence will go up, and you'll be rocking that summer body before you know it!

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to take action and make this the summer you'll never forget!

If you are wanting 1:1 accountability, message me back and Ill get you on the waitlist for the August 6 week coaching program where we work one one one with your training and nutrition online. I only take 5 people into this 6 week program, so if you are ready to level up, learn what works for you and your lifestyle, then message me back to get onto the waitlist.


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