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If I had to start over

If I had to start over, do a total body transformation, lose at least 20lbs, keep my muscle, and wanted to get it done sooner than later... here is what I would do. One. I would immediately start weight training 3- 4x week with an alternating upper body and lower body days or doing total body sessions.

Then, I would write down my numbers and strive to find ways to do more than last time by either doing more weight, more sets, or reps, time under tension etc.

…also getting an in person coach or using an online coach to speed up and guide me through the process is also very helpful in the beginning.

Two. I would do SOME daily activity (walking, hiking, very light bodyweight work, yoga etc) for 30 minutes to one hour a day.

30-60 minutes is a 2-4% invest of your day....if you are serious you need to find the time to make a change.

Three. I would track my food, focusing on lean cuts of protein, with about 35-40% of my total calories in protein. REAL FOOD - protein, produce, water with each meal.

I would split up everything else between healthy fats and nature-made carbs (oats, rice, fruit, veggies).

I would measure myself every two weeks with a scale and tape measure.

After two weeks, if I saw I wasn't losing, I would either increase my walks by 10min (this would be an additional hour + a week of activity) or decrease my calories by 25%. I would do this process until I was dropping about .5-1lbs of weight per week.

Four.Four. I would be in bed for at least 6-8 hours a day. Even if I don't sleep the whole time, I know my body would still benefit from lying in a cold dark room. Plus, my body is recovering when I'm sleeping, and I'm less likely to eat. Five. I would stay BUSY, not just mentally busy but physically busy. Staying active, for me, keeps me from eating out of emotions and boredom....this is HUGE for many of you reading this. I would clean the house, cook, do yard work, laundry.... Anything that keeps me too busy to have the temptation to eat more. With these strategies, I feel I/you could lose 20lbs of fat in about in 10-12 weeks or less …. certainly in 20 weeks time. Side note: everyone is individual in how their body response to changes in food and activity levels.

Just tracking my food, beating my numbers in the gym, and staying busy. Bonus: I would unfollow ALL social media accounts that didn't benefit my life, stirred the pot with drama, or I feel I would be comparing myself or my progress. Comparison is the thief of joy and I don't need that in my life.

Any questions as always just hit reply and ask I am here to help.


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Thank you, great advise!


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