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How's your confidence?

I truly believe EVERYONE struggles with Confidence to some extent. Personally, I struggled with my confidence in going online with my workouts, my live videos etc. in fear that some stranger might say you suck. Doing my 1st fitness competition was a huge blow to my confidence as I placed dead last, but learned to get a coach and get better and feel more confident in my training and posing abilities. I have struggled with confidence in my business and relationships too.

But by far the biggest influence on confidence is the one everyone seems to miss…

It’s your habits in the present, not the events of your past, that determine your confidence. This was a BIG lesson for me.

My past does failures, mistakes DO NOT determine my present or future abilities - they are mearing lessons that I needed to learn to move forward and be where I am now.

I’ve found that there are a few confidence-killing habits people fall into without knowing it. And it’s these habits that are the real causes of low confidence which leads to struggling to realize their dream body, job, life.

If you can learn to identify and work through them, you’ll find that your natural levels of confidence are much higher than you realize.

You second-guess yourself constantly aka analysis paralysis!!

To feel more confident, you need to accept uncertainty is unavoidable and accept the responsibility of making decisions and living with the consequences.

Dwelling on past mistakes.

It’s hard to feel confident if you’re constantly reminding yourself of your mistakes and failings.

The trick is that you have to be willing to live with the fact that the past is unchangeable, which means you can not change it, but learn from it, grow from it and move on.

You’re fearful of feeling fear.

John Maxwell, in his book, Failing Forward says, “acknowledge your fear, and take action anyway.”

If you want to feel more confident, start acknowledging your fear and take action instead of trying to avoid it.

If you struggle with any of these, work to overcome them and you’ll see your confidence and your results skyrocket!

Here's to facing fear, Facing Everything And Rise from it and feeling more confident in the process.

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Hi Cheryl!! Thank you so much for sharing this information. I agree most of us struggle with confidence to a certain extent and that fear & maybe a lack of knowledge is at the root of our struggles. Whether you realize it or not you have certainly had a positive influence on my life. Your consistent willingness to listen & teach esp during my personal training sessions has definitely helped boost my overall confidence in workouts & life. Thank you!!


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