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Fitness is NOT easy

Have you ever heard or maybe caught yourself saying something about waiting for life to get easier before you can do x,y,and z?

We all do this.

If I just get through this ______________ it will be easier

If I make it to _____________________ it will be easier

Once I finish ____________________ it will be easier.

I think people look at fitness the same way - once I start working out it will get easier.

Unfortunately, if consistently working out was easy, 95% of the population would not be overweight or obese.

Staying on a consistent exercise routine is not easy…...IS HARD

As you get older, getting your body ready to workout... IS HARD.

Stretching and mobilizing active aging joints before a workout.... IS HARD

Getting your butt into gym, studio or basement gym everyday... IS HARD

Strength training with weights... IS HARD (and hurts)

Those that stay consistent with their exercise program have learned how to “handle hard stuff better”

See... staying consistent with an exercise program is not just helping you get in shape...

It's helping you Get Better at “Handling Hard Stuff Better”

Things like....

Working longer hours when needed

Hanging with your kids all day at the ballpark or pool or court

Getting that yard work done after a long workday

Dealing with challenging clients, customers or employees

Trying to fit everything and everybody into your schedule

The fact is, consistently exercising helps you handle hard stuff "outside the gym" better.

Take a listen Coach Lawson and you will realize how working out consistently does more than just get you in shape or shed a few pounds.

Have a great week


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