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Failure Rate is HIGH

Every year I see countless people start up with weight loss and fitness goals.

The thing I hate is the amount of people that fail.

I especially do not like it when people with great intentions work hard but are doing all the wrong thing by focusing on the wrong areas.

Quotes like "I am not worried about nutrition" "I know how to eat" "You can never do to much cardio" "I can do it on my own" "I am going to starve myself" "I was sick and lost 10lbs I am so happy" These are just some of the things I have heard over the years. If you finally want help then join me for my backstage pass into the week 1 of my nutrition plan in the Lift Yourself LEAN program.

WHEN: August 17th, 2023

TIME: 12:30:00pm EST

Location: ZOOM

To grab the zoom link, you need to jump into the Lift Yourself LEAN private FB group. Last week I shared my 5 step success path to the last 10lbs and you can catch the replay in the FB group. So to see the week 1 meal plan of the program head on over to the FB group and join me live as I walk you through the week 1 meal plan, have access to the week 1 meal plan file and catch the replay if you cannot join me live.

Its a win-win all around. I promise I will get you in the right direction and show you how you can still have your favourite foods, drinks and desserts!


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