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Do You Yo-Yo Train?

If you’re trying to get in better shape or you’re trying to get back in shape… but you don’t have as much time as you used to… Remember this… A few minutes of training a few days per week is better than nothing.

You need to ditch the old mentality of, “If I’m not training 60 minutes, 5 days/week I will not make gains”... That’s simply not true…

And the ironic thing is that kind of mentality always leads to “yo-yo” training! Which is exactly like “yo-yo” dieting except it has to do with your workouts. You catch a picture of yourself on Facebook chowing down on chicken wings with a bloated belly and you think, "Wow, I let myself go"... Or you step on the scale and realize you’re the heaviest you’ve ever been… Or you see some jacked person in a movie or a regular joe on the street who’s built a lot better than you are…

So you decide to go “all in” and train 60-minutes per day, 5 days per week to get your body back…

And you keep up with it for a few days or a few weeks… but eventually something comes up (life has a way of throwing a wrench into our plans)…

And before you know it you’ve gone weeks, maybe even months without working out…

All because you have the wrong mindset... and that mindset leads you into the same trap every time. Here's what you need to remember: Consistency is king... So the goal is to pick a training routine that gets you in and out of your training session in just 30-40 minutes... for 2-3 days per week to see results - THAT IS IT!!

So, if you want to get and stay in awesome shape, you do not need to kill yourself trying to get back in the gym and make long workouts fit into your busy schedule... make the training work for you NOT against you.

So, whenever you’re ready... here are some ways I can help you live a stronger life.

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