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What do I mean when I say... Health is a FEELING not a look - Simply put, I mean that being healthy doesn’t look a specific way. Health doesn't have to even a look. Actually there’s no way for us to say of health looks like ____________ (fill in the blank)

Although the fitness industry tries hard to do that, it’s a bit ridiculous because it’s also complex. If health is a FEELING, what does it feel like? And the honest, complex answer is that it’s unique to everyone. When I am my healthiest, I feel energized, I sleep well and feel rested, my anxiety is minimal, and overall I feel excited about most parts of my life. The list can go on and on, but hopefully that helps to paint a picture that the healthiest times in my life are not about what my body looks like… The healthiest times in my life are consistently about how I FEEL not how I look. Now to be truly transparent, for me they usually align, but of course there are exceptions. When I'm not being my healthiest self (which happens all the time, cue the desserts and snacking) I am most motivated to do the things I know will help me get back to the FEELING ( like getting a massage, aiming for better sleep, dialling in my nutrition, etc.) Because the FEELING is what consistently motivates me to take care of myself. Just like everyone else, I am no where near perfect when it comes to doing this. We’re all humans and will never be perfect! It’s about having the TOOLS to get back on track when you fall off. To get back up when you fall down. And the phrase “Health is a FEELING not a look” reminds me what’s really important. That's when I am living my best life, I am always FEELING a specific way. Not necessarily looking a certain way. So when you have a moment, I encourage you write down all of the FEELINGS you have when you are the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself. All the small things that add up to you FEELING like the best version of yourself and looking at what HEALTH is to you.


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