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Are you on the rebound?

If you read my emails every week, you’re probably interested in improving your physical fitness.

You probably have some goals for yourself and, you’ve seen progress in achieving them at different points in your life.

Then something happens…

You sign up for a new program and make immediate progress.

Most people get some in the first couple weeks just because they’re paying attention to what they’re eating.

They lose five or seven pounds right away.

But then the progress slows, stops or sometimes…heads in the opposite direction.

And here’s the biggest bummer of all: you worked hard for weeks or even months on a program, lost the weight you wanted, felt great…

And then bad habits creep back in and you’re left right back where you started.

Because it makes you feel like crap mentally and physically.

This is the REBOUND.

All that hard work…gone…

All that weight right back in the same place.

How do we avoid the rebound?

Stop program hopping and start putting good HABITS into your life that don’t depend on motivation or willpower. Will this take time and practice - YES, but the reward of no more rebounding is worth it.

So avoid the dreaded rebound and get on a path that gives long term, sustainable results.

CLICK HERE TO set up a time to chat about how we can stop the rebound effect for you.

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