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Help!!! What should I eat??

As we are getting closer to the holiday season of Christmas and New Years I find people start to stress out a wee bit about the onslaught of food coming down the pipeline.

Now, this year may not be so bad with restricted gathering sizes and limited employees in office buildings the degree of the food onslaught maybe reduced. BUT, I do find people will use the holiday season as a reason to overindulge in favourites because its the season :)

So today I am posting you an infographic from Precision Nutrition that will help keep you on track, allow you that 1-2 cheat meals during the holiday season and help you get back on track post cheat meal as that is the key to long term success.

Let me know if you have any questions on this infographic in helping you get on track and stay on track this holiday season so you can rock 2021!

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