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Why you cannot lose the weight

One of the reasons many people struggle to lose weight is they fail to act quickly and with consistency.

People wait until "Monday" to eat right or workout.

People wait until "Jan. 1st" or Sept 1st.

People wait until "they have more time" even though they will never have more time in their life than they do this second.

The key is starting fast and never stopping once you start.

I have said it before I will say it again most of us underestimate what we can do in 1-2 years and over estimate what we can do in 3-6 months. Most people severely overestimate how much weight they should lose each week. It’s as if anything less than 5lbs/week is a failure. When it reality 0.5-1lbs per week is amazing….. There are going to be days and weeks where you don’t lose weight even though you’re doing everything right. And there will be weeks where you lose more than expected….. Focus on the macro not the micro overtime….lifestyle is the key. So long as things are moving in the right direction over time, you will eventually get to your goal. But if you don't take action quickly I can promise you the current hole you are in will only get deeper.

P.S. - Any questions please just hit reply and ask I am here to help.


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