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Which Story do you Tell Yourself?

We've all been there - constantly weighing our priorities.

Life is overwhelming at times, and I completely understand that.

But there's one thing I want to share with you that can make a huge difference in your life.

You see, the biggest issues I hear time and time again are truly based on the stories you tell yourself:

"I don't have enough time,"

"These other things are more important,"

"I just don't have the genetics," or

"This is going to take too much time and energy away from things that are more important."

The truth is, you are missing out on the lowest hanging fruit to improve ALL areas of your life:

health and fitness.

It's literally a superpower, but people under-utilize it, and overcomplicate the crap out of it.

In shape people don't overcomplicate everything. They just follow the basics and don't tell themselves overcomplicated stories like many of us do.

You have all the skills you need to get in whatever shape you want.

All I needed to do is change the stories in your head!

Once you change the narrative and start thinking the right thoughts, you built momentum.

And that momentum will lead to establishing a simple system that will allow you to sustain your newfound lifestyle.

You know, the one where you looked, felt, and performed the way you always wanted to.

For you, it's all about changing your mindset.

Those stories you tell yourself?

They need a makeover.

Turn "I don't have time for the gym" into "I'm going to make time for the gym."

That "I'm too tired to work out" thought?

Transform it into "I don't feel like working out, so I'm gonna do a quick workout instead."

Try implementing the 10-minute rule:

If you don't feel like working out, commit to giving it just 10 minutes.

Chances are, once you start moving, you'll feel more motivated to continue.

It's time to change the narrative from the inside out instead of trying to fix things on the outside first.

Let's get our mindsets dialed in and watch the magic happen!

Remember, you DESERVE to feel like the amazing powerhouse you are.

With these mindset shifts and a simple, sustainable system tailored to your needs, there's no limit to your potential.

Ready to get started?

I am here to help.

I want to support you in crafting your new story and achieving your highest vision for your health and fitness.

It's time to unleash your real superpower!

Fill out this form if you are ready for some one on one online coaching...

If you are not ready for one one one coaching, here are some ways I can help you be more consistent in your health, fitness and nutrition journey...

1. Join Positive Image Fitness in person and online classes Free for a 7 Day Trial – Click Here

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2. Get on a Personal Call with Me – Click Here

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Finding balance! Working out, eating right, relaxing and recharging and having fun doing all of it! It works and you feel great!


Fitness first!!


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