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Simple things to do daily

I wanted to share some simple things I do daily to be healthier and I think you should too.

1) Drink Water lots of it – aim for 1 oz per lbs you weigh so if you are 200lbs get 200 oz or more if your crushing workouts. 2) Consume protein, produce, water with each meal. 3) Sugar– keep it limited. You do not need candy bars, cupcakes, waffles everyday... you are not 12 anymore. 4) Sleep at least 7-8 hours if possible. I always get in 7.5 otherwise everything in my day drags on. 5) Mobility - aim for 10 minutes per day or mobility, stretching, foam rolling.... if you can't do 10 min. start with 5 6) Be active for 30 minutes daily no matter what - even if its just walking, aim to move your body no less than 30 minutes 365. It's not sexy, fancy or complex and it certainly isn't rocket science. However, if you can consistently do these little things you can be a healthy human for the rest of your life which is what we all want right! Easy on paper and in theory but much harder in real life application. My advice if you are stuck and struggling start with just 1 of these for a week and build from there. Consistency of health habits wins over time trust me. Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people.


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