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If you are at risk for over indulging this holiday season, open now!

In case you are not on social media or don't follow me for some weird reason I am going to give you the Coles notes on a holiday survival guide so you can come out the other side of the Christmas and New Years ready to hit the ground running vs feeling you are back to square 1.

Here we go...Survive the Season Without Skipping Out!

I am going to give you some strategies for staying on track with your nutrition amidst celebrating with friends and family. While remaining healthy and active should stay on the agenda, I want to encourage you to direct your attention to more than just than flexing your willpower at the dessert table - but to enjoying yourself and your company.

For those of us who are more focused on our health and fitness, that can be easier said than done, especially when food temptation seems to be a part of every tradition. Being hyper-focused on food choices may take away from the joys that come with the holidays. Instead, I want you to focus on making mindful food choices — without obsessing.

Have your plate filled with salad, veggies and lean turkey and then enjoy one of Mom’s famous desserts too AND choose to go to the gym because you want to feel good, not because you want to do ‘damage control’ from social events.

The holiday season gives you ample opportunity to test some new skills while having a great time. Here are a few strategies to help you overcome common misconceptions and sticky-situations!1

  1. Visiting family means eating all your childhood favorites and it’s hard to say no.


• Use this as a time to connect with them, not just their food.

• Take small portions of your favorites and connect with the significance of that dish. What positive memories are associated with it?

• Eat the food. Often, the temptation to overeat stems from food restriction and the stress that comes with it. By removing the ‘off-limits’ label from holiday treats, you can lighten the psychological load you’re carrying. Expecting perfection during a high-temptation situation isn’t realistic. When you realize you’re not restricted it what you can eat, it makes it easier to stop eating after the first serving. And don’t forget to enjoy it!

2. Everyone is overindulging in food and drink, it’s hard not to do the same.


• Put down your cutlery between bites. Chew your food thoroughly, aiming to be the last person still eating.

• Bring inspiration with you to the party. For example, set your phone background to something that reconnects you with your goals or set a phone reminder every few hours at the party with a “you got this!” to yourself.

• Start journaling. If you already journal, journal more. Write a list of your goals and why they are important to you. Set a daily intention to do one thing that moves you toward your goals, which will help you remove focus from the actions that don’t align with your goals


  1. Eat slowly and fully chew all your food before taking another bite. Chewing your food is important for both digestion and satiation

  2. Choose to eat off of a side plate instead of a larger plate to automatically make your portions smaller

  3. Bring the salad of leafy greens just in case no one else does! Who doesn’t love a gracious guest?

  4. Drink water or zero-calorie drinks in between alcohol to stay hydrated and control your intake. The more you drink, the less mindful your choices may get!

  5. Wait 15 minutes to let your food settle before going back for seconds.

  6. Engage in as much conversation as possible at the dinner table. This is extremely distracting from food, forcing you to eat slower.

Focus on Life Outside of the Party!

Indulging at a few social gatherings over the holidays isn’t going to make or break your progress. It’s when you let it seep into the days in between and start stringing together weeks of lazy eating that you might start to notice some backward steps. By focusing on your food preparation and staying active during the days and weeks between parties and get-togethers, you’ll stay on course for smooth sailing into the new year. While everyone else is doing “damage control,” you can easily pick up where you left off fitness-wise and still say that you had an amazing holiday break!

  1. stick to your normal daily routines

  2. use a meal prep service to keep on track for those dates in between holiday dinners

  3. keep fitness the focus - keep it short, keep it bodyweight if you need to!

If you want access to some bodyweight holiday workouts and holiday recipes head on over to my FB or Instagram page. Thursday I am posting 3 bodyweight workouts and Friday I am posting 2 holiday recipes you don't want to miss.

Have an amazing holiday this weekend!!


Great advice Cheryl.


Mindfulness, thanks for this great reminder!!


Great advice, Cheryl!! Thanks so much!!


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