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Fitness for me...

I am keeping it super short and sweet for you all today giving you my perspective on what fitness is for me.

Fitness is so much more than exercise. ..It's a catalyst for positive changes, and it affects EVERY aspect of your life.

Fitness has taught me:

1. Discipline: sacrifice an immediate pleasure for long lasting results.

2. Courage: Show up, even when you don't want to.

3. Focus: exercise helps you block out distractions. Nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.

4. Patience: it's a lifestyle, not a 14 day detox.

5. It's therapeutic....

Obviously, I love to work out, but for as far back as I can remember, I always leaned into fitness to help overcome obstacles or challenges in my life. It gave me an escape from reality, it gave me self-care time for my mind and it was a great stress reliever. I feel grateful that I learned these lessons at such a young age.

If you find yourself struggling right now, (you're not alone...)…Maybe it's time to lean into fitness and start making some positive changes in your life.


Whenever you are ready, here are three ways we can help you.

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As I get older I find it tougher to do the things I did in my 30s 40s and 50s but that's ok because I can still do them in my 60s. Thank you all for the encouragement and motivation.

Mi piace
Risposta a

Amen to that, Pat!

Mi piace

Could not agree more. It has. changed my life completely. Never felt better. Thankyou ..

Mi piace

Agreed 100%

Mi piace

You are a great mentor!!

Mi piace

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