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Aging and Choices

A great message from Thomas Plummer on aging and thought it would be great to share with all of you.

"Aging is a series of bad choices made daily. You turn 60 and struggle to tie your shoes, your hips tight from too many years sitting on your backside. You have a decision to make that day.

You either find a coach, maybe sign up for yoga, take a stretching class, or you give in, just an inch, just on this one thing, and buy slip on shoes. You push into your later years and decide, hey, I worked hard for so many years, so you sit, watch too much television, scroll for hours, eat too much and give in... while your friend, who is your age, signs up for college courses, joins a gym, takes up a new sport and learns how to eat better and take care of himself.

Every day, a hundred times per day, you have a choice to give in and grow older or fight back and grow younger. Personally, I am terrified of people my age clinging to the back of shopping carts because they are too lazy to walk upright.

I find people sitting on a bench, just watching the world go by, scary as hell because they quit, accepted, want to grow old and die young. Every day a choice... fight back and grow young, or give in and deny to yourself growing old is mostly a self-inflicted disease of bad choices you can control. You won’t live forever, but you can live young until you die."

Food for thought today.....

Not sure where to start you can reply back to this email because I want to help you when you are ready.

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Great post Cheryl!


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