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6 morning hacks for your best days

Setting yourself up for a great day takes practice and starts from the moment you wake up. Starting your day off stressed because you woke up late or the kids aren't listening or the dog peed on the floor or insert any scenario here will have a ripple effect on your whole day.

Will every day be perfect, no, but if we get into some good morning habits to set us up for our best days, the bad mornings will be few are far in-between.

here we go...

  1. Don't hit the snooze button - get up when your alarm goes off that way you are not rushed because you slept in and you will feel less tired if you get up with the alarm.

  2. Drink a BIG glass of water - when you wake up you are already dehydrated from the sleeping. So keep a glass in your bathroom or keep water by your bed so you know to drink when you getup

  3. Stretch - I know this one may seem tough, but if you can take 5 mins to stretch to wake up the body and muscles your body will thank you for it I promise. So some front and back bends for the spine, some arm circles for the shoulders and maybe a figure 4 hip stretch when you sit down in a chair.

  4. Eat a high protein breakfast - starting the day off with a high sugar/carb meal is not good for the insulin levels and will only make you feel hungrier all day long. Think eggs in any way shape for form, protein shakes, dinner leftovers.

  5. Get some sunshine on your face whether you eat breakfast outside, go to work with the windows down - sunshine will give you an energy boost.

  6. have 1 cup of black coffee or tea - but keep it to ONE and no added sugars! overdoing coffee in the morning will leave you feeling drained and craving sugar in the afternoon

Meaghan and I chatted about this on our podcast last month and you can listen here or search Beyond Life and Fitness podcast on Apple or Spotify.

It’s the small, consistent actions you take every day that adds up to big results - it’s the CONSISTENCY that matters the most!

Here's to better mornings ahead.


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