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Has this year been scary?

As the saying goes… “Get Comfortable Being UNCOMFORTABLE”

Nothing is more true if you want success any in area of your life.

You get gotta get used to being UNCOMFY and 2020 has been a huge year of being uncomfortable.

Is it easier said then done - of course.

There are plenty of days where I just want to stay comfy and NOT do the work I need to do and I am sure you have had those days too!

There are plenty of days where it’s a real battle to stay on track and remain COMMITTED.

It’s a struggle and it’s TOUGH, but the struggle is what builds you up.

And it’s the COMMITMENT to the struggle that makes the most difference.

But there is ONE more thing...

There’s this thing called COURAGE.

Without it, you’ll let your stories, negative assumptions, and thoughts about the “what if’s” take control of your life.

And if you let them, these “what if’s” will dominate your mind to the point where you’ll scare yourself into NOT taking the action needed for change.

You need to have COURAGE…

To push ahead into the unknown and face the uncertainties of life.

To face the possibility of making mistakes.

To face the possibility of failure.

If all you think about are the mistakes and possible failures, you’ll paralyze yourself.

That’ll untimely lead to inaction and will make the FAILURES you FEAR come true.

So again, you got to have COURAGE.

We all have a ton of responsibility in life - family, business or career and having some down time to enjoy life.

We need to make the COMMITMENT to keep pushing forward no matter what and have the COURAGE needed to rise above the resistances we will continue to face.

You got to BACK YOURSELF up and know you will do what you need to do to WIN.

Simple as that.

NOT always easy…

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