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Get and Stay Motivated

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

"Why can't I stick to my diet!?" "Why do I keep sabotaging my progress?" "Why can't I stay motivated!?" Anyone who has struggled with fat loss, or found themselves yo-yoing back and forth will be very familiar with these emotions! You likely find motivation easy when you first start a new program, because it’s shiny and new and exciting!

This is why you continually seek the next new thing and you have the attention span of a squirrel on speed! It’s typically when familiarity sets in that you get bored, distracted, look for the next shiny object, or self sabotage in some way.

Getting control over your own motivation is one of the KEY ingredients to maintaining the consistency that you need long term for fat loss, confidence and happiness overall! All humans are motivated by pain and pleasure. We call the pain you want to avoid ‘push motivation’ and the pleasure you’re drawn towards ‘pull motivation’. You have push and pull forces that move you towards your goals.

You’re PUSHED to take action by the pain of being overweight, feeling self conscious, tired and so on. You’re PULLED by the desire to be fit, lean, healthy, sexy, confident, happy etc. You also have push and pull forces that SABOTAGE your goals.

You’re PUSHED by the pain you associate to doing your meal prep or completing a tiring workout. You’re PULLED by how nice it would be to sit on the couch, watch TV and get a takeout (just this once). Or just how nice it would be to sit quietly and eat alone because you are stressed and tired (cue binge eating- another topic for another day). WHICH ONE WINS? - THE ONE THAT YOU FUEL! We need to increase the pain and pleasure that move you towards your goals so that they dominate and overwhelm any pain and pleasure that you could sabotage your goals, WHEN it’s least convenient to do so - WHEN it’s the end of a long, tiring, stressful day, and it feels like everything’s gone wrong! To achieve this it is VITAL that you know: > What you want > Why you want it > Have goals that are genuinely and thoroughly exciting (not just goals that you think will please society and those around you!) When you imagine achieving your goals you should get a visceral reaction - where you feel the excitement in your body.

That’s the intensity of emotion that you need to overcome those inevitable challenges you’ll face along the way. So think big, focus on what you WANT (not what you don't want) and get after it! If you’ve been struggling to balance fat loss and life… If you’ve been on the wagon off the binge/emotional eating wagon… If you find yourself frustrated, confused, or simply going round in circles… Then you have a choice. Do what you have always done, get what you have always got!

Or do something different!

Fuel your thoughts and your activities with what you DO want instead of escaping want you DON'T want.

If you are wanting help with getting a plan in place for your 2020 health and fitness goals, I am offering free virtual calls to help you get refocused and realigned so you can make your goals a reality.

Just reply back to this email and we will set up a time to chat to make 2020 a successful year for you!

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