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Workouts that Don't Work

I get asked all the time; what's the best workout for this and what's the best workout that? Of course I usually give the most frustrating answer; it depends. The honest truth is that your training plan will be different depending on your goal, your training experience, your body type, your lifestyle and more. So there really is no one workout that is perfect for everyone and that's why we offer custom training programs for all the people who we are fortunate enough to coach. However, what I can tell you with absolute confidence is what workout program DOES NOT WORK! But before I tell you that, let me first give you a very simple explanation of how training actually helps improve the body, you ready? Russian scientist Nikolai N. Yakovlev came up with the training concept called the super compensation effect.

Put simply, the super compensation effect explains how training creates a stress or stimulus on the body, which actually causes it to breakdown initially, however after this initial hard session, if you keep moving the body at lighter intensity and allow it to recover it will actually recover to a high level of ability then when you first started. So look at it this way, work out hard, give the body enough time to recover (48-72 hours minimum) so it can rebuild itself better than before to handle the stress of the workout, then you can work out hard again if your body has recovered well. So the concept is, you can work out hard, but YOU MUST allow your body the time it needs to recover fully between hard workouts so that it can adapt, change, develop and improve. Now that you understand this concept, I can tell you that the workouts THAT DON'T WORK are the ones where you are going too hard far too often and not giving your body enough time to recover! Far too many workout programs being advertised and sold on how hard they are and "how great of a workout" you're going to get. Chasing fatigue and destroying your body every time you workout does not give you results! Sure if you've never really be active and you start one of these high intensity workout programs you will probably lose a few pounds on the scale initially, but a few weeks or maybe months, your body will start to breakdown and quit on you! The after effects of these workouts are down right destructive to your body. Your hormones will plummet to the basement, your muscle and tendons with constantly breakdown and your energy levels will ultimately crash hard! A proper training program will push you hard don't get me wrong, but it's also designed with strategic recovery windows to allow your body to recover and rebuild itself for ongoing improvement. Don't be silly and let your ego tell you that if you're not laying on the floor after every workout then you're not making progress. The right workouts will keep you feeling happy, healthy and energized! Remember I am here to help you so tell us what your goals are, what you’re struggling with, and how we can help.

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