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Holiday Traveling Food Tips

One of the biggest hurdles people face this time of year is travel. With the summer months, people tend to take off and explore. As much fun as that is, it can be hard if you’re trying to eat healthily.

Dining out has all kinds of temptations: desserts and alcohol everywhere.

Add to that the fact that it can be tough to find places that have the healthy food you need, and it’s no wonder that people tend to fall back into unhealthy habits.

If you have a trip planned for the summer, there are steps you can take to help yourself.

1. You don’t have to choose the junk. Just because the airport snack stand sells chips and soda doesn’t mean you have to eat it. There is always a banana, an apple, and water there too. Always focus on whole foods. Same if you are away at a cottage - pack lots of fresh veggies and fruits!

2. Drink plenty of water. You know that when you feel like eating it’s often because you’re thirsty. Travel makes you even more dehydrated, especially when you’re flying or running around chasing after the kids.

3. Find a way to work out. Most hotels and resorts have gyms, but even without one at the cottage you can get some exercise.

  • Choose to walk or bike whenever possible

  • Go for a jog on the beach

  • Combine sightseeing with a hike

  • Make sure you pack a workout outfit and running shoes -I'm in love with my “You by Skechers” shoes! They're perfect for travel!

  • Try throwing a jump rope into your luggage

  • Do 10 pushups before you shower in the morning

4. Keep your meal plan in mind. Eating on a schedule is part of healthy eating success. Don’t skip meals, and before you go to a meal, think about what you would have at home.

If you have certain foods in mind before you sit down, you’ll be more successful at finding something similar on the menu.

5. Pack some snacks. There is no reason why you can’t bring healthy snacks with you. Having a bag of almonds handy will keep you from choosing something processed.

6. Be smart at happy hour. If you’re on vacation and you want to have a drink, that’s okay. But alcohol is likely to make you want to eat more. There’s nothing wrong with ordering a seltzer or two instead of indulging in the booze.

7. Research what’s available. The internet makes it much easier to find places to eat that offer healthy options. If you know where to go it will be much easier.

One last thing to remember is that if you fall off of your healthy eating plan while you’re away, you need to forgive yourself.

Whether it’s just one meal or the whole trip, when you get back home, go right back to the good habits you left with.

Looking for a simply way to get back on track? Check out my 7 day reset program. Next session starts August 18th. For more information leave me a comment or send me a message.

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