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What's Your Summer Plan?

Summer is fast approaching & that often means a relaxation of habits to accommodate holidays, BBQ’s, drinks on the patio etc.

It can also mean that come September, your jeans fit more snug than you’d like :)

Not many people want to to commit to a improving their nutrition and training during this time, but would you be interested in a 6 week program that helped you stay on track and may even help you gain a little strength?

I’m doing a 6 week program starting July 8th to help you check off the boxes for healthy habits so that you’ll feel energized & possibly even drop a pound or two!

The goal of the program would NOT be restriction but a reminder to stick to a few simple habits related to nutrition & exercise.

I also make working out dead simple with either:

  • unlimited access to my LIVE online workouts,

  • unlimited access the video library

  • unlimited access to all the in person classes at the studio

  • personalized program just for you to do at home or at the gym for the 6 weeks via my online training app

If you would like some summer time accountability towards staying healthy this summer, reply ‘I’m in’ to this email.

I’m only taking 5 people and when the spots are gone, they are gone until the fall.

Let me know and have a great week

P.S...If you are not quite ready for a program or even one on one coaching, then get inside my private FB group where we chat about training, nutrition and mindset to help you get going in the right direction.

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I’m in

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Amazing Gerri- if you want to do another 6 weeks after your current 6 weeks you can do that


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