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What can I do??

I want to help you. I know there are still lots of people struggling to get back to there pre-covid level of health and fitness - physically and mentally.

Just email me back and let me know what you're struggling with your health right now.

It doesn't have to do with exercise or nutrition. If you're looking for a service for something that I don't offer, I'm happy to refer someone if I can.

Why am I doing this? What's the catch?

#1 - I actually enjoy helping people get healthier. It's ONE of the reasons I got into this fitness business. I'm just so passionate about helping people look and feel strong and confident.

#2 - Honestly? helping people makes me feel good so really you are helping me by letting me help you :)

#3 - While I'm grateful for the people on my email list, I don't actually know who all of you are...why you have stuck around and not unsubscribed? I must be able to help you in some way?

Okay, I think that is it. I know this email is a bit random and super short, but if you share the belief that human beings are generally good (like I do), then go ahead and take me up on this free ask!

Talk soon!

PS: If you also just want to talk about your favourite summer foods like dessert or share some of your favourite tips/products, also reply back ;)


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