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Take Action Monday!

We all need some help lighting that fire under our aces every once in a while. So if you are in a take action slump then read on...

If not already to light that fire, then YOU should attempt to live by these same CODES anyways...

1 - Take MASSIVE Action

2 - Discipline > motivation

3 - Be The CAUSE > not the effect

4 - OWN Up > stop apologizing

5 - Live With INTEGRITY

6 - COMMIT To the Process

These codes can serve as a road map to help guide you forward.

The main takeaway is the concept of ACTION.

You must DO.


Don't wait around for permission.

For instance...

You can have ALL the knowledge in the world, have the best ideas and visions of what to do, but if all you do is sit around twiddling your thumbs, "waiting"...


You'll be left behind in the dust of those that TAKE ACTION and DO.

I can tell you right now that I've had my fair share of times when I didn't "DO" and just sat around waiting...

All it does is create extra stress, more anxiety, and thoughts of "what if."

Start living a life filled with "doing" and even more "failure."

WHY more failure?

Because if you have more "failure" that means you're taking action and actually DOING something.

You can't fail unless you DO.

And you can't SUCCEED unless you DO.

Sad truth is, success and failure go hand in hand and unfortunately for us all, NOTHING is ever a sure bet.

But, WAITING is a sure guarantee you accomplish nothing.

You get me?

Now, the reason I thought I'd share this is because it's MONDAY.

The typical day most people say to themselves that they'll "Get Started"...


Are you one of these people?

If YES, what MUST you do TODAY to change?

What's the ACTION you must take TODAY to get yourself moving ahead?

Better yet, what are the THREE KEY ACTIONS you must take?

Write it all down.

Tell somebody (feel free to hit reply and tell me).

Just refuse to let another Monday, or ANY day for that matter, go by unused.

Stop WASTING time.


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