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Lets talk money!

To be honest, the subject of money is a difficult one for me. I am not 100% sure why but sometimes I am totally open and fine to chat money and other times not so much. And as I sit and write this blog I think it depends on my current relationship with money at the time or moment in my life.

I know money will not make you or me a better human.

Giant Homes

Fancy Cars

Expensive Jewelry

Designer Clothes

And intellectually I know none of these material things has the power to make you or me truly happy. But there are moments in when I feel it does have that power. I wonder if that is where the phase "keeping up with the Jones" come from??

Money doesn’t change us it just merely exposes us & amplifies who we already are.

If you are kind, giving and thoughtful money will only highlight that.

If you are arrogant/egotistical then more money will make you more so.

Tommy Baker put out a great little quote that ties into this perfectly and one that I can relate to very well...

"If you can’t create happiness at $37,500 a year —you won’t find it at $111,000 or $392,000 or $1.15m per year."

You maybe asking what does this mean? Any maybe these statements will ring a bell...

Once I get there, I’ll find peace.

Once I get there, I’ll find clarity.

Once I get there, I’ll find freedom.

Yeah, no you won’t —because happiness will feel unfamiliar to you.

Because guess what?

Success is a state of being that can be created —waaaaay before you ‘arrive’ at some success marker.

And if you can’t create it now, then it’s *not* going to magically appear because a bank added a digit to your checking account.

The number one problem with the ambitious (I am totally guilty of this!) is I/they/you wait for some mythical experience or event to create these states of happiness:

The state of joy.

The state of presence.

The state of gratitude.

The state of aliveness.

The state of abundance.

And they/we/me are missing the point —because striving for a goal that lights us up is crucial for our psychological well-being.

The thrill of chasing something, of striving for, of making a dream come to life —while loving the process today.

The end result? That next goal, that next result, that next deal —amplifies *who* and *what* you already are.

In this place, the growth, results, outcomes and money light a fire on the energy you’ve already cultivated inside —and spreads it farther.

The reality is:

I’m not where I want to be in my biz.

I’m not where I want to be in my writing/ video editing and recordings

I’m not where I want to be in some relationships

And despite all of those I am working on being happy with myself and learning to enjoy the process verse racing to reach a goal then the next then the next without taking the time to enjoy the scenery and lessons along the way.

The pursuit should make you/me feel alive...while accessing states of clarity, peace, and freedom right now.

And then when you reach those personal or biz goal or receive that check —you’ll smile knowing the feeling you’re experiencing is one you’ve felt a thousand times….

Best of all, you will feel deeply fulfilled and proud of yourself.

Have a great week and remember to look deep within to find happiness vs the outside.


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