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Step into your greatness

Today's post is from Ben Pakulski from Muscle Intelligence.

"I don't place my identity on the things that I've done in the past. I define myself by what I'm going to create in the future". If we rest on what we've done up until now, its a slow and steady decline into a big wooden box. Who cares what we've done up to now. Achieving our true potential means waking up every day with a fire in your soul to make the most of our time on this rock. I'm coming up on my 46th birthday, and feel like I'm just getting started! Here's the reason for todays post.... I want to step into my greatness! Greatness lives in all of us yet we unconsciously choose to accept short term comfort in favour of long term fulfillment. To truly step into our greatness, we must identify what it’s going to take and move aggressively toward our destiny. Here is a little assignment for you to do this week. Take out a pen and write it out. MY PERSONAL GREATNESS Assignment:

  • What's is my greatness going to look like? Visualize. Use all of your senses. Write it down. Who is there? What am I doing? Where do I live? What impact am I making on the world? Who am I helping? What world problem am I solving? Go deep! "Helping people" is BS.

  • What am I going to look like?

  • What does my body look like? What does my face look like? What does my hair look like? What am I wearing?

  • How do I know when I've arrived? What emotions do I feel? Who’s in my network? What is my net worth? How have I impacted the world?

  • What is the career capital I’ve acquired?

  • What skills, roles, jobs, courses, accomplishments am I going to need?

  • What are the unimpeachable credentials?

  • What have I accomplished?

  • What are the character attributes?

  • Who is there with me? (My top 5).

  • This does not have to be people currently in your life. Dream big.

  • What do people say about me when I’m there?

  • This speaks to your character, how you treat others, how others view you.

  • What are the habits I execute daily when I already have my greatness?

  • What are 3 habits I can execute on now to move me toward my greatness?

  • What current 1-3 habits do I have to remove?

  • What beliefs do I have that don’t support my greatness?

  • Who do I have in my life now to keep me honest, accountable, and thinking bigger? (so I don’t get lost in my own excuses)

It's powerful. Do it now. And today is just the beginning.

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