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Keys to workout success!

I think this is the shortest blog post I have every written :)

But sometimes short and sweet is the best and I am sure it is nothing you haven't head before but sometimes reading it again helps our brains process it, so here we go with the real keys to workout success.

  1. Consistency (goal should be 4 times per week)

  2. Keep workouts simple (over thinking decreases intensity)

  3. Mobility first (helps avoid injuries which kill workouts)

  4. Focus on effort not resistance or reps (intensity is a must)

  5. Try to finish in 45 minutes or less (more is not better)

  6. Need to be able to change things on the fly if needed (adaptable)

So as you can see making changes is not rocket science but it is not always easy either. But with consistent work change can and will happen - we just need patience and time :)

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