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Are you flexing this muscle daily?

Here's to helping you have a strong first week of a new month.

And a quick note about flexing a certain muscle...

Your "Commitment Muscle".


Your commitment muscle is something you need to be flexing on a daily basis.

Just like any other muscle you use, the more you flex it, the stronger and more resilient it's going to become.

Only big difference is, this muscle doesn't necessarily need to ever "rest".

Whether it's sore, fatigued, or completely drained, you got to be flexing this muscle everyday.


Because here's the TRUTH...

As I'm sure you already know, it's easy to show up and DO THE WORK that's needed to be done when you're motivated.

It’s easy to show up and do the work when everything is going as planned.

But what about when things don't go as planned?

What about when you're "unmotivated" and don't feel like doing the work?

What happens then?

You go back to what's "easy".

Let me tell you something else you probably already know...

If you want SUCCESS, you got to push through the hard/ uncomfortable times.

You got to do the work when you don't want to.

More specifically, if you want to finally lose that extra 10-20-30 pounds and shred away the Covid-19 BOD for good so you can build yourself into a leaner, stronger, and more energized person then

STOP skipping out when you don't feel like doing the work.

And more importantly, STOP quitting when you fail and things get hard...

Instead, FLEX your COMMITMENT MUSCLE and keep going.


Today is just another day to PROVE how badly you want it.

If you need help setting up your actions steps to get back on track to live your most fearless, confident strong life let me know and we can set up a phone call or virtual call.

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