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Can you achieve greatness with joy?

Have you been raised to believe that in order to achieve anything great in your life you have to work your butt off and basically be miserable in the process? If you want to achieve greatness you have to work harder and harder and keep your head down and accept that you are not going to enjoy the process. But some magical day when you win that championship or earn that big promotion or pay cheque then, and only then, will you have a sense of joy.

Well I have to break it to you, most people never actually get to that moment where they feel "they made it" and can experience joy. Mainly because it's never enough, we are always pushing for more, bigger, better. And with this belief, we miss out on the opportunity to truly relish and enjoy the process and live the good life.

I am a heads down, nose to the grind stone work hard person and when the hard work is done we can be happy, but I'm working on changing all that and if you're like me, you can too. Life is a gift and it's really not that long; we are reminded of that often when we hear about, or experience a loss. Lessons and messages are all around us, speaking loud and clear telling us to enjoy the process. Laugh, joke, play and yes you can work your butt off all at the same time. Like you, I want to win, I want to grow, I want to become better so in turn I can help and serve better and I'm happy to say, we can do it all with joy hearts and smiles on our face! So lets make a deal, that for 2020 we start to enjoy life a bit more, take time to stop and reflect on what we have accomplished, take time to better plan/map out your day/week/month with down time built in for rest and recovery and take time to connect or reconnect with those close to us.

I am starting this month to get that planned out better so I can avoid burn out and be able to be my best for myself, my family and my clients!

what we have accomplished, take time to better plan/map out your day/week/month so that time off

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