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Summer bodies are made in the kitchen (and during the winter!)

Ever heard the quote: "YOU CAN'T OUT TRAIN BAD EATING!" Well it's true. You maybe able to get a away with it for awhile but it will catch up with you I promise :) I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years and it still amazes me when we keep seeing and hearing people stuck in the common old approach to getting in shape and improving performance. That approach is the "I will just work harder in the gym to build muscle, lose fat or perform better". "It's all about my effort IN THE GYM that will make the difference." Followed by the common questions... "So what's the best exercise to burn fat?" "What's the best exercise to build muscle?" "How many times a week do I need train to get in shape?" And so on and so on. However, in most cases, these are the wrong questions to ask if you want to take your body to the next level. The right question to ask first and foremost needs to be, "what should I be eating and when, to take my body to the next level?" Everyone is willing to work hard in the gym yet not many people seem to want to work hard in the kitchen and that's where all the magic really happens! If you worked even half as hard in the kitchen as you do in the gym you would increase your results a thousand fold! Yes! That much! So what's the number one piece of equipment to get into great shape? Answer is the FORK not the barbell! Nutrition is so important because it helps to determine and regulate so many hormonal activities in the body that help to stimulate fat burning, control hunger, increase muscle growth, improve recovery and so much more. You can train as hard as you want but if you are not eating the right amount of food, in the right proportion of nutrients, your body is never to going to respond the way you want. In fact, chances are it's just going to keep breaking down leading to injury and/or chronic conditions. It's time you start looking at things differently so that you can take your body to the next level!

My next 6 Week Get Fit Challenge starts May 13th and is already 1/2 sold out!

Get a full meal plan, recipe book, success manual, access to the private FB group, weekly weigh ins for accountability, eating out guide, full access to my studio for all your training needs and so much more.

Learn how to eat well to lose the fat, learn how to get back on the wagon if you fall off and learn lifelong nutritional habits.

If you are interested in the challenge reply back to this email.

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