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The Secret to being Successful.

Today's blog post is brought to you by Martin Rooney over at Training for Warriors. In this post he explains what M.T.E means and which M.T.E you want to be in life.

Want to be a success? It’s actually quite simple. You just have to decide which M.T.E. you will labeled as by others and then take action. I have realized in order to be successful, you do not have to be the smartest, but you do have to be prepared to out-work, out-study and out-perform your competition. When you do these things, anything is possible and you will be given the proper M.T.E. label. Still not sure what M.T.E. stands for? Read on and decide where you stand on this powerful acronym. In life, I have found that there is a big difference between compliance and self accountability. Most people just comply with what they have to do and as a result, they accept mediocrity.

Some people, however, take things upon themselves and do their best in all situations. They go the “little extra.” These are the daring souls that eventually rise above the rest and enjoy high levels of success in their lives. In both cases, they are just choosing one interpretation of the acronym M.T.E. over the other. In the first case of the mediocre people, M.T.E. stands for “Meet The Expectation.” So whatever is expected, they just do the minimum and get out. This is the sure-fire ticket to an average life with few great experiences. If you want to enjoy mediocrity, just do the minimum you can do to finish a task.

In the second case of the higher achiever, M.T.E. stands for “More Than Expected.” These people over-deliver in everything they do. Their trademark is solid work, done ahead of time every time. I have often heard, “There is no traffic on the extra mile.” In other words, it is easy for us to recognize when someone has done a great job because it is rare for most people to do it! 5 Ways To Start Doing More Than Expected

  1. Say “Thank You” as many times a day as possible...and mean it!

  2. Find people doing positive things and compliment them for it.

  3. Write a handwritten letter to someone that has helped you with something.

  4. Don’t seek immediate credit or results for your efforts. Instead do your best and rewards will come.

  5. Stay organized and take on projects that you are both interested in and can do well.

  6. Strive to become known as someone that “always does the little extra.” (Giving 6 when you said 5 is a good start!)

By delivering more than expected your life will be richer and more people, money and energy will be attracted to you.

Now, the question you must ask of yourself is what M.T.E. do you subscribe to everyday?

If it is the first, then don’t get upset when the world is not giving you what you desire.

If it is the second, keep doing what you are doing until it does!

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