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#1 goal during the summer

I get asked about how to stick to a movement and nutrition routine during a busy season when schedules go sideways a lot! So here are a few things that really help me stay consistent with my routine, especially with travel or vacationing.

My number one goal during the summer time (or any time that involves a lot of travel) is to set myself up for success!

I do this by being honest about the reality of my situation.

If I am traveling, there is NO way I am going to stick to my typical at-home routine. So I make a list of my top priorities. The things that are the foundation to helping me feel my best. For me, those things are:

  • Sleep! This is a non-negotiable. My number one goal is to make sure I can get at least 6 (ideally 8!) hours of good sleep.

  • Hydration! It is SO easy to forget the basics when we are out of our usual routine so I always bring a water bottle with me and I make sure to stay on top of my water intake. It makes a HUGE difference, believe me!

  • Last and DEFINITELY not least, MOVEMENT! This is a huge one for me because a few days without movement really throw me off (more mentally than physically). I use this time as an opportunity to try new things and really prioritize having FUN! Depending on what my schedule looks like, sometimes movement is just walking around and exploring the area I’m in. The number one thing I remind myself about movement is that ANYTHING is better than nothing! Even if it’s just 10 minutes of stretching, I make sure to get SOMETHING in!

I’m not going to include this on my list of top priorities when I travel but it is always brought up...

What do I do about food when I travel?

My 2 cents? You do your best!

I’m someone who is motivated to eat relatively well because I LOVE feeling GOOD! My stomach is easily upset so whether I am traveling or not, I am conscious of what I put in my body. But I also try hard not to stress about it. I’m out of the comfort of my home and my routine so I do the best I can. We all know the foods that don’t make us feel the best so whether you are traveling or not, my suggestion is always to avoid them as best you can! It’s really that simple.

Are you finding yourself in a busy season of travel? Stay moving with me with my on demand video library, I have workouts that are PERFECT for traveling and your first 7 days are FREE. So check it out and we can workout together anywhere, anytime!


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