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Is Motivation holding you back?

Have you ever said any of these things??

"I just need some motivation to get started."

"I don’t have the motivation to do it today."

"Can you help me find the motivation I need to get started?"

People talk about their perceived need for “motivation” so that they can achieve success, but in most cases, if people don’t make a mindset shift they will continue to struggle with motivation holding back their success.

I believe the idea motivation are more like handcuffs than fuel for success.

But what is motivation really?

Is it energy? Is it fuel?

Is it a sense of “Passion” or "drive"

It’s really none of those… in simple terms, it’s just part of a mental "program" that has been installed into your brain or "operating system" from an early age.

Who installed it? Could be friends, parents, teachers, coaches, TV, music, any form of input could be to be blame.

But, you can rewrite that program to override the limiting effects/belief of the concept or idea that you need motivation to get started and to be successful.

The reality is, if you want to be successful at something, you need to DECIDE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO YOU – how VALUABLE is it to you to be successful as whatever it is you are wanting to be successful at.

Let me give you a personal example. Personal health and wellness is one of the top values in my life, I have decided that this is extremely important to me for a number reasons.

Now that I truly decided my health and wellness is of great value and importance, I don’t need any "motivation" to eat well, make healthy choices, train and move my body daily, get good sleep, etc. – I just do it.

Are there days where I don’t “feel” like, or have the “energy” to, or am not “motivated” enough to follow my healthy habits, YES, but guess what, I DO IT ANYWAYS BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO ME!

If you want to create successful habits, remove “Motivation” from your vocabulary, and just DECIDE that it is important enough to you to follow through daily, no matter how you might be feeling!

If you are ready to decide NOW that moving your body daily and eating well then hop into my 6 week Get Fit Program starting July 12th. This program is designed to create those healthy habits of moving your body regularly and eating lots of whole foods and WANT to do it because of the way it makes you FEEL!

You get a full meal plan, grocery lists, success manual, daily accountability emails, access to the private FB group, weekly weigh in check ins, unlimited access to all live online classes, the on demand video library and the outdoor classes. We do before and after pictures, measurements and weight so you can see how much can be achieved in 6 weeks.

So if you are ready to DECIDE that being healthy is important then email me back and Ill see you in the 6 week group.

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