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I need you to do this for me

Well it has been 4 weeks since I have done a blog post but I am back at it and ready to rock 2021 with some new and exciting things. BUT to stay in the loop of these new and exciting things be sure to like my FB and/or Instagram page.

Ok lets get into todays post...

Today I wanted to share something with you that I know might help you chase down your goals for 2021.

That's of course, if you decide to put it into action.

It's simple.

Write yourself a "BEST YEAR" letter.

You'll write a letter that's dated 12/31/21.

In this letter you'll write about all of the big successes you've achieved over the past year.

You can include anything you want...

  • Physical Transformation and Successes

  • Fitness Successes

  • Financial Successes

  • Family Successes

Think about what it is you want to happen over the next year and write about it as if it has happened.

What you're doing with this is "future-pacing" and declaring results.

Mentally, your brain will store this deep within your sub-conscious and if you truly BELIEVE what you write in this letter will come true, you'll start to take the ACTIONS needed to achieve the outcomes you desire.

So simple right!

If you decide to do it, hit reply and let me know so I can support you in your 2021 goals.


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