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Guaranteed Investment

Fitness is the only investment that guarantees “You will Get Out What You Put In”.

Matter of fact, I think you get more than just your investment back.

Keeping your body looking, feeling and moving it’s best by exercising regularly, allows you to keep doing what you love doing outside of the gym.

For me this is priceless.

Here are the keys to keeping your fitness investment growing:

Stay Consistent - We all know that by regularly adding to your investment you can take advantage of compounding interest and dollar cost averaging. Consistently working out, no matter how hard or long the workout is, will build (compound) on itself and continue to allow you to gain results as the years progress.

Make it Sustainable - I think this is where many fitness investments fail. They try to invest too hard and they can’t sustain it or they are forced to stop due to injury. Find a sustainable workout (investment) plan that fits YOUR LIFE or Budget. The key is to keep it going for the long haul, not just for a few months.

Diversify your Fitness - There are so many ways to exercise and stay fit. Running, biking, yoga, lifting weights, swimming, walking, resistance band training ….. The list is endless.

Don’t focus on just one fitness investment. Diversify by choosing 2 or 3 ways to exercise that impact muscle strength, cardiovascular efficiency, mobility and recovery.

Doing this will keep your fitness portfolio growing regardless where you are in life.

Accept the Sacrifice - Fitness will require a sacrifice just like a financial investment. However, considering your health (not money) is the #1 driver of life, it should be an easy sacrifice.

Obviously the sooner you start investing in your fitness the better but unlike a financial investment, your fitness returns will be much quicker so don’t let age or anything else stop you from starting TODAY.

Hit Reply and Let me know if you need help modifying or getting your fitness investment started.

I would enjoy being your Fitness Advisor.

When you are ready, here are some ways I can help you be more consistent in your health, fitness and nutrition journey...

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