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How Are You Finishing This Decade?

As the end of 2019 and a whole decade fast approaches, I have 1 question for you? Are you finishing off this decade how you envisioned it? Did you accomplish the goals you set out for yourself? Are you closer to accomplishing your dream(s)? Are you who you set out to become?

If so awesome, if not I am going to give you 11 tips on how to upgrade your mind and body for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

1) Become conscious in the gym

Awareness in the gym translates perfectly into life. Becoming more conscious is the primary factor in becoming more fulfilled and finding your true passion and purpose. 2) Execute with Precision As an extension to #1, executing with precision is hard, takes effort, focus and leaving the ego at the door. Learn the essentials of exercise execution and then pay attention to when your ego tries to take over and tell you you should be lifting more, when lifting more often results in less work to the muscle you're attempting to train. 3) Become conscious of what goes into your mouth Eating mindlessly kills most peoples' results. First pay attention to what you're eating, then start paying attention to how your body feels after you eat it. Bloated? Change foods. Gas? Change foods or add enzymes Tired? Maybe not the right food for you, or not what your body needed (too many carbs?) Brain fog? Try less grains. Achey joints? Pay attention to avoiding pro-inflammatory foods. (Grains, omega-6, sugar, trans fats) 4) Eat to fuel your training session Eating carbs pre-workout does not fuel your training unless its at least 4 hours prior. Before you train, try leaving enough time to digest (2hrs) or eat foods that are very easy to digest such as a liquid meal. 5) Learn what effort really means If you think you killed it? People who truly work hard always look for ways to work harder and get maximum benefit from their time and effort. 6) Begin to understand the concept of “Optimized Internal Environment” Your body is in constant flux between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous states. One is fight or flight, the other rest and digest. Creating the perfect state for growth after training requires adherence to maintaining parasympathetic dominance most of the day. Learn how to shut off internal states of stress or muscle growth can't happen. This includes any type of internal/external stressors. 7) Pick exercises that fit YOU You have a unique shape and size so every exercise that fits me may not NOT fit you. 8) Meditate Refer to #6. Internal state that makes growth possible starts in the mind. If you're stressed or under-sleeping, growth is a near physiological impossibility. You CAN build muscle without "help" if your training is great, you learn effort, and learn to control your mental state with daily introspection. 9) Get uncomfortable The worst thing you can do it be comfortable. Find things that make you stretch as a person. Do exercises you're not good at, read more books, learn a new skill, see #8. 10) Learn to breathe There is a lot more to breathing than mindlessly sucking wind. The mouth is meant for eating and speaking. The nose is your primary breathing orifice and breathing should be long, slow and deliberate when possible. ESPECIALLY when you train. When things get hard in training, keeping your mouth closed and breathing through your nose will decrease perceived effort and fatigue. It's hard at first, but incredibly worth it. 11) Be accountable to someone Hire a coach or mentor, find a great training partner, connect with some highly motivated people with similar goals who can have much higher expectation for you then you have for yourself. Humans are infamous for setting the bar too low for themselves to avoid failure. Set the type of goal that makes something of you to achieve it. Something that rips you out of bed in the morning and elevates your consciousness to new levels of focus and determination

THAT is where the gold lies my friends and lets finish this year of fearlessly, strong and confident!

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