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Cold and Flu Survival Kit

Well the season is upon us… snow, boots, gloves, sniffles, coughs and the dreaded flu! That’s right it’s winter time again! Winter, or better known as cold and flu season, can leave many people feeling their worst so to help make sure you quickly get back to your superhuman levels when you get caught by the bug I’m going to share a cold and flu survival kit with you. For most people, the default action is to go to the doctor and get the good ol’ antibiotic prescription. Well what if I told you that those antibiotics could be causing you way more harm than good? Your stomach is the center of your immune system and your number one line of defense against getting sick. There is a ton of bacteria in your stomach, both good and bad, but the good bacteria is what keeps you feeling great. Antibiotics (translated means: anti-life) are designed to KILL ALL bacteria in your stomach. And killing everything is what they do best. The problem lies in the fact that most people don’t do anything to help replenish the good bacteria which is lost, leaving their immune system feeling weak, and ultimately increasing their risk of ongoing illness. So what do you do when the flu bug brings you to your knees? Here’s a cold and flu survival kit that you can keep on hand in case of such an emergency.

Oil of Oregano - This magic formula is a natural alternative to antibiotics, helping to attack foreign bacteria that has past your defense system. Now it will also attack your good bacteria but not as aggressively as a potent antibiotic which is why I prefer it.

Raw Honey - I like putting a few drops of the oil of oregano on a teaspoon of raw honey then downing it to help manage the strong flavor of the oregano. Additionally, raw honey has anti-bacterial properties to help fight the illness and it is also great to help soothe a sore throat.

High Dose Probiotic - Because I would use the oil oregano to attack the bad bacteria, I will also use a high dose probiotic to help replenish all my gut bacteria to help build back up my immunity. I take a probiotic pretty much all year round as a prevention method to reduce the risk of getting sick in the first place! Just make sure your probiotic is of the highest quality because most of them out there are useless.

Fresh Ginger - Ginger is an Eastern medicine miracle and I am a big believer in its benefits. I suggest boiling a few chopped-up pieces of fresh ginger in a pot for 15 minutes and sip on it all day long when you get sick. Ginger works wonders to help clear up a sore throat and stuff nose. I often add some of the raw honey to this drink as well.

Organic Lemon - In addition to the ginger, honey and water drink I will add some fresh squeezed lemon juice. The lemon provides a good dose of Vitamin C to help kick-start your immune system while also soothing your sore throat.

That’s a simple cold and flu survival kit that you can go out and stock up on because you never know when that nasty bug is going to take over and kick your butt!

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