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New Year, New Life Codes to live by.

September is often seen as the 2nd New Year of the year. Kids go back to school, vacations slow down or stop until the winter, and routines come back into place.

So this seems like the perfect time to re-evaluate your life codes.

If you are not sure what a life code is, it is your ethics you live by and follow for a happy life you deserve to have. Life codes allow you to stay true to your path and not let others detrail you from what you want to achieve in life that will and does make you happy. Life codes ultimately drive your actions in life.

So before we get into it, here is a little back story...

One of the key things I've been doing over the past year or more is re-dialing in my personal "LIFE CODES" one in which is motivation.

It's awesome when you're motivated, but what happens when you're not, what then?


Motivation is like fuel.

It WILL run out at times.

When it runs out, we have to fill it up.

And since it runs out (and it will), you can't just bank on being motivated all the time.

It won't happen.

I know for me, there are a lot of times where I'm not "motivated" to do a thing. I have literally woken up with the desire to do nothing - I don't want to think about work or training or food.

Why does this happen?? Because I'm NOT a robot :)

I'm a human just like you ;)

So what does it all comes down to, to get stuff done and to keep moving forward? DISCIPLINE.

As Jocko Willink says, "Discipline = FREEDOM"

It can't be more true.

But WHAT creates discipline exactly?

Will Power?


Will Power is basically motivation.

And as I mentioned above, Motivation will run dry at some point.

So, what is it that you must have to create DISCIPLINE?

Well, you need to have a set of RULES or CODES to live by.

Rules that will guide your life.


And these life codes, once you create them, you need to live by them will 110% commitment.

If you don't, they are no good and serve no real purpose.

Here are just 3 of the many Life Codes I have and the possibilities are endless.



I believe with every cell I hold in my body that I CAN and WILL accomplish anything I set out to do in life. There are no limits other than the one's I create within my mind.

Life Code 2 - OWNERSHIP

I take 110% Responsibility so if there something I want, I go out and get It - I OWN It - I don't make EXCUSES. If it is up to be, it is up to me.

Life Code 3 - INTEGRITY

I Stay TRUE to my Words And Follow Through and NEVER make promises I can’t keep. I'm only as good as the INTEGRITY I keep true in life.

LIFE CODES are powerful.

They will guide your actions (and non-actions) in life to help you achieve more success.

Use them for what they are worth.

Create your own and let me know what they are so we can hold each other accountable to our life codes when motivation starts to run low.

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