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What to do when Bored

Boredom is a very common feeling every human experiences every once in a while. What’s much more important than asking yourself "Why am I bored?" is how you handle the feeling.

It's normal to be bored, and when it happens, we usually wonder: "How do I get out of a procrastination vortex?" Is there a button to push to reset the day and jump back into ultra-productive mode?

Well, perhaps there is.

I'm going to give you 20 suggestions on what to do when you get bored and want to turn that low tide into a high tide. Whether you’re experiencing boredom at home or at work, we believe there’s something here for everyone.

1. Don’t Fight It—Enjoy the Wave - when you’re bored, it’s okay to have unproductive days. You can embrace your boredom and spend time thinking about your life, your future, your goals.

2. Declutter Your Space - One way to get out of a productive slump is to clean up your “outside world”. Anxiety, depression, and clutter tend to create a vicious circle and the act of decluttering can help you feel more productive.

3. Read - Reading is not only a fun activity once you get into it, but it’s also very beneficial. Research shows it can improve our memory, empathy, make us feel more optimistic, and healthier.

4. Sort Out Your Email Inbox -Be honest. How many unread emails, unopened newsletters, or forgotten promotions are there in your inbox? 50? 200? 1456?

Whether it’s your personal or your work email inbox, use your bored hours to sort it out.

5. Meditate or Do Yoga - Meditate to fight boredom? Like, just sit there and do nothing? Doing yoga is just the next level: practicing various poses that both strengthen and stretch your body while meditating. It’s a triple combo: breaks the boredom, gives you a straight mind, and a great body as well.

6. Exercise Your Brain - Use it or lose it! Do you remember how challenging it was to master new skills as a kid? Well, now that you have some time to spare, why not spend it on brain-exercise activities like sudoku—online or pen-and-paper, Lumosity program, crosswords, or Happy Neuron games.

7. Engage in Self-Care - Self-care is a super-productive way to get out of a productivity slump. When you’re bored and stuck in judging yourself over how unproductive you are, engaging in self-care can reverse that attitude.

8. Explore Local Nature - If you’re bored, do yourself a favour, and go for a stroll around the nearest park. If it's the weekend, take a drive to a hiking place, beach or forest you’ve always wanted to visit and revitalize your mind and body with some fresh air.

So in closing, whenever you feel like there’s nothing to do—great! Because that’s the perfect timing to do something.

Your partner in health


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