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You Will Never Change

So I am taking what we chatted about last week with the question is inaction still a form of action and continuing on with if you choose inaction every time you will never change!

I am will to even bet on it.

I bet that if you REFUSE to take action TODAY, nothing will change for you tomorrow.

You'll wake up.

You’ll have the same problems on your mind.

You’ll more than likely go through the same daily routine.

You’ll face the same struggles.

But yet, despite all this, you’ll still say to yourself, “I’ll keep thinking about it”

You’ll come up with stories inside your head to justify your inactions.

You’ll BELIEVE these stories because you’ll refuse to acknowledge the truth.

The truth that you need to change.

If you’re NOT happy…

If you’re not where you want to be in life right now…

You don’t have the energy you’d like so you can play with your kids or to simply be “present” for the ones around you after a long day of work.

You don’t have the lean and strong physique you’d like despite all of the hard work you put in trying to get one.

In turn, you don’t have the confidence.

The struggles are there and it’s hard.

Why even bother right?

Maybe everything you’ve tried up to this point hasn't worked, so why even try put in the effort if you’re just going to fail again?

Well, I’m telling you right now that it CAN change.

Things can turnaround, but YOU have to be willing to change.

That all starts with a simple action.

This isn’t something you haven’t already heard before...

You know that TAKING ACTION is critical to your success.

So, my QUESTION to you is this…


What’s keeping you from taking action?

What’s holding you back?

I’m genuinely interested to know.

In fact, let’s do something interesting...

I CHALLENGE you to answer this by replying back in to me with your answer.

What’s keeping you from taking action?

What’s the FEAR holding you back?

Open up and talk about it because guaranteed you are not the only one with those fearful thoughts.

Face it head on.

You never know...

I just might be able to help you out.

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