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Make a Difference in your Life

Happy New Year everyone.

On this 1st day of the new year, here is a little food for thought :)

"Make a Difference. Live a Life That Matters. And Enjoy The Ride." - Frank McKinney

What do I need to say to people about the "New Year"??

What should I say?

How can I help people make the most out of this coming year and what's ahead?

All good questions I am asking myself as we start 2019, so let me break down the quote for you.

1. "Make A Difference"

How do YOU make a difference?

Well, you start off by TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.

NOTHING comes from inaction except wasted time and regret.

If you're going to make a difference in YOUR life and other's, you MUST TAKE ACTION.

So, when you "talk" about doing something, you do what you say you were going to do and you continue to do that day after day after day...

You FOLLOW THROUGH on your word.

Not just because it's the 1st of the year, but because it's another day.

You have the opportunity to make a difference EVERY single day, so don't ever take days for granted.

Who knows?

You might miss out on a HUGE opportunity to make a difference not only in YOUR life, but someone else's...

2. "Live A Life That Matters"

I believe you do this by digging deep into what it is you want to be doing.

Dig deep by asking the HARD questions.

Not only to yourself, but to others.

You've gotta ask questions that force you to get uncomfortable.

You've gotta ask the questions that force you to get as descriptive as possible.

You gotta dig deep and go well below the surface level.

You gotta trigger your emotions.

What fires you up?

What ticks you off?

What makes you cry?

What makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

Ask those questions and then answer them as best as humanly possible.

And be HONEST to yourself.

Don't lie, be HONEST.

So, ASK yourself the hard questions about what is it that YOU truly want to achieve?

Then ask yourself WHY you want to achieve it?

When you dig deep enough, you'll find out your WHY.

And when you find your WHY, you'll find and create PURPOSE.

That PURPOSE will give you your direction.

After you have that, you start TAKING MASSIVE ACTION moving yourself in that direction.

Pretty simple right?

Last, but not least...

3. "Enjoy The Ride"

Understand that this "ride" isn't going to be done in a day.

It's not some 7 hour trip in your car...

It won't be done in a week, a few months, or even a year.

--> The RIDE is LIFE.

This is the FUN part.

This is about LIVING.

So, live it and ENJOY IT.

Life is way too short not to enjoy.

It's unpredictable and full of chaos, embrace the craziness and enjoy it. (still working on this!)

But just note that your ride can END at any time, so don't ever take it for granted.

Cherish every single moment.

WIN, LOSE, or DRAW, cherish it all!

Each of those are apart of LIFE which are apart of the ride so all you can do is learn and grow from it all.

So, if you're NOT where you want to be in life just yet, take a step back.

Take some time to really THINK about the difference you want to make for yourself and the

difference you want to make for others.

Then, ask the hard questions so you can find the true purpose and direction you need.

Then, TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and enjoy the ride!

To an amazing upcoming year, next year, and all the years after that - happy 2019!

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