Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certification




Since 1998, Cheryl Pattyn (B.A, Hons.Kin, CSEP-CEP), commonly referred to the “Workout Queen”, has turned her passion for fitness and personal training into the energy-infused Positive Image Fitness.

Positive image is about living a fearless, confident and strong life in and outside the studio.  She realizes that not everyone WANTS to move, but that everyone NEEDS to move to stay balanced, focused and inspired in all areas of life.

Cheryl’s athletic abilities began with figure skating in elementary school. That quickly progressed into school volleyball, basketball and track and field. But it was in high school Cheryl was introduced to the weight room and it was love at first sight. The feeling of getting stronger and being in control of my body and how it moves was addicting!

After graduating York University with a kinesiology degree with a certificate in personal training she worked at a local big box gym for 2 years before stepping out on her own.

Today she owns a brick and mortar studio in Ilderton offering group strength and conditioning classes, spin classes, 6 week Get Fit Challenges and the Confident Kids program. Plus she continues to work privately in the comfort of clients’ homes for one on one training or at the studio  adapting movement to suit a person’s specific needs for optimum results.

Helping people improve their quality of life through physical activity is extremely fulfilling. Seeing a client go from “I could never to that” to “I did it!” is awesome.

Cheryl’s tag line/hashtag, FearlessConfidentStrong is just that. Her clients walk away from a workout confident in their physical abilities and inspired to live a healthier life for themselves and those around them.


Darby Training Systems Level 2 Kettlebell Workshop

Trigger Point Myofascial Release Workshop



Darby Training Systems Kettlebell Foundations Workshop



Metabolic Training Certification



Functional Muscular Assessment and Graduated Exercise Methods Certification

BOSU Integrated Balance Training Certificate

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Arts Degree and Honours Kinesiology and Health Science from York University